Friday, 10 October 2014

Its my First Time ....

I am Not able to figure out that from where i should start ... !!

but hey ... I m here ... finally .... weaving my thoughts into words .. and letting the world to know (though I know .. no ones here yet to follow me :D )
but guess what ... I don't need anyone to follow this blog ...
coz the main reason I started this blog is to just express my thoughts .... and its just like an on-line diary .. but you know na.. its difficult to maintain a manual diary coz there is always a fear of someone reading it .. you all must be wondering that how foolish I m .. but listen .. let me tell you one Top Secret ..
its .. that i specially created a fake gmail id just to keep this blog private .. I don't want mu knowns to read my diary .. but yeah obviously .. the unknowns can enjoy reading my life ..
ok for now its enough .. lets publish it and see how does it look on a blog ^.^ ...
(you can surely guess my gender from the smilies .. yeah you r right !! ..m girl ) :)

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